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C. Steinweg (Scandinavia) AB
Kronhusgatan 11
SE-41105 Gothenburg

Phone: +46-31-7112090
Fax: +46-31-7244260
E-mail: helsingborg@se.steinweg.com

Certificates and Accreditations

  • AEO
  • LME

Facility and Services

  • Forwarding
  • Stevedoring
  • Warehousing

C. Steinweg - Helsingborg

Previously operating under the name of Skandia transport, this is an LME approved location which is operated from the Steinweg office in Gothenburg with the full range of warehousing, forwarding, stevedoring and full customs services. The warehouses in Helsingborg are concentrated in the area from Sydhamnen with Skåneterminalen to Västhamnen.


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